About the NJoy Electronic Cigarette Charger

NJoy electronic cigarette are substitutes to smoking conventional cigarettes. Once you smoke NJoy electronic cigarette, you breathe in water vapor that includes nicotine, rather than the smoke that includes hazardous substances consumed from a conventional cigarette. NJoy cigarettes are composed of a battery and atomizer cartridge but still appear similar to conventional cigarettes. Once you breathe, the liquid nicotine is vaporized and goes through the cartridge. Following frequent utilization, the battery will expire and should be recharged. A charger is incorporated with your NJoy electronic cigarette that provides you to recharge the battery, either with a USB or wall outlet, depending on the type of your NJoy electronic cigarette. Here are more facts about the NJoy electronic cigarette charger.

The Filter Cartridge

Take off the filter cartridge from the battery of the NJoy electronic cigarette. The filter is the section that bears a resemblance to the cigarette filter. Attach the charger into the edge of the NJoy battery, within the receptacle from which the filter was taken out. You can either plug the charger into a wall outlet or into the USB port on your computer, depending on the type of the charger. Make sure that the computer is switched on.NJoy Electronic Cigarette Charger

Charging the Electronic Cigarette

Let the NJoy electronic cigarette charge until the marker light on the charger becomes green. Recent types do not have a marker light, which denotes that your must allow specific time to charge. Recharging NJoy cigarettes can take about 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the type.

Take out the rechargeable lithium battery from the atomizer or vaporizer and cartridge. The battery of NJoy electronic cigarette is replicated to give the impression of the tobacco-filled edge of a conventional cigarette. The battery is attached onto the vaporizer which together with the cartridge appears similar to the filter segment of a conventional cigarette.

Fasten the battery into the recharged port on the supplied USB cable. Rotate the battery clockwise to fasten it to the cable. Place in the USB port at the end of the charging cable into an accessible USB port either on a computer or into the USB compatible wall adapter.

Allow the battery to fasten to the charger until it is completely charged. Recharging a battery will consume approximately 45 minutes to two hours. However, new batteries must be charged approximately three hours prior to utilizing it for the first time. Certain wall chargers include indicator lights that will become green as soon as the battery has completed the charging. Even though the wall charger does not have an indicator light, all NJoy batteries will instinctively discontinue charging as soon as they obtain its capacity.

The NJoy electronic cigarette charger has no remarkable distinction with the chargers of other electronic cigarette. In addition, the charging is almost the same compared to other electronic cigarette chargers. So, if you are using other types of electronic cigarette, you might be able to use other chargers as long they are compatible with the model of electronic cigarette you have.

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