7 Common Problems with Electronic Cigarette Battery

Electronic cigarettes were initially introduced in the market in 2004. Since then they have gradually turned out extra accepted since more cities, states, and countries restrict the utilization of tobacco in communal places. Not like the conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not burn or include any tobacco. However, it contains liquid nicotine that is utilized in vapor form.

Majority of batteries for electronic cigarettes are situated at the edge of the cigarette and are typically rechargeable. Lots of things can trigger these batteries not to function appropriately and mending the battery normally denotes searching the source of the predicament. Here are some problems with electronic cigarette battery that you must take note of.Problems with Electronic Cigarette Battery

Problem #1: Battery is Out of Order

Find out if the battery is the sole element of the e-cigarette that is out of order. Detach and reconnect the battery and the filter. The hook between the battery and the filter might be wobbly, which would keep the electronic cigarette from performing appropriately. If one more battery is accessible, utilize that to make sure that the filter is not defective.

Take off the battery from the filter. Any additional moisture can trigger the control chip within the battery to have a short circuit. Inspect the part all-around the nicotine cartridge for any noticeable fluid on the filter or battery. If the battery is damp, put it in a ziplock bag or rice for about 24 go 48 hours to eliminate any moisture. Place in the battery into the charger to make sure it is appropriately charged.

Problem #2: Inferior Quality of Battery

Make sure that when you purchase extra batteries for your electronic cigarette you will acquire it only through dependable dealers. Inferior quality of batteries happens because of mass production, which does not guarantee excellence.

Problem #3: Disconnection Issues

Occasionally, batteries are inaccurately held with a filter which does not bring the electric process to an end, thus connecting and disconnecting batteries may possibly help you with the problem.

Problem #4: Moisture

Moisture all-around the batteries can also discontinue the easy progress of the battery. Plugging the battery into the charger while it is damp can trigger the control chip to short out. It will also help if you will make certain that the battery charger is free from defect.

Problem #5: End of Battery Flashes Once Breathing in the E-Cigs

The solution for this is to recharge your battery. Fasten the electronic cigarette battery to a charger and tip of the e-cigarette battery must flush red suggesting that it is charging. Once completely charged, the light on the edge of the battery will disappear.

Problem #6: Battery does not Charge

Units with the 110 volt adapter must indicate red light on the adapter to make sure that there is power and a green light once the battery is attached suggesting an excellent connection. An excellently conditioned battery will glow red once attached to the charger and the tip will disappear once the electronic cigarette battery is completely charged. If the edge of the e-cigarette battery does not flush red then the charger is not functioning properly. You can make an effort utilizing a USB cord or car adapter to notice if the trouble is the 110 volt wall adapter. If the edge still does not flush red once you had tried one more source then the e-cigarette battery may require replacement.

Problem #7: Battery Turns Out Extremely Hot While Charging

LIPO type of batteries usually gets warm while charging. But, a battery must not turn out extremely hot even to touch. Should this occur, unplug from the charger and do not utilize the battery anymore. Rechargeable batteries must be by no means left unattended while charging.

These are some problems that you may encounter with an electronic cigarette battery. Next time you come across them, you already know what to do.

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