5 Steps to Make Electronic Cigarette Vapor Liquid

An electronic cigarette, also known as e-cigarette, delivers a small dose of nicotine to the smoker through vaporizing liquid. This e-cigarette is composed of a long rechargeable battery, an atomizer or the heating element and a mouthpiece which contains a sponge-like substance that serves to hold the liquid before it is vaporized. The commercial refill liquid can be purchased in many flavors which contain different nicotine strengths. However, some users of e-cigarette make their own refilling liquid at home by mixing the ingredients. There are several ingredients which are available at the local pharmacy while the nicotine liquid can be bought form a specialty retailer. All you need are steps to make electronic cigarette vapor liquid.

Step #1: Materials to be Prepared

The things you are going to need in making Electronic cigarette vapor liquid include the following: oral syringe; dropper bottle (250 ml or larger); vegetable glycerin; 50 mg commercial nicotine liquid; and distilled water.Make Electronic Cigarette Vapor Liquid

Step #2: Prepare the Vegetable Glycerin

Fill the oral syringe with 130 ml of vegetable glycerin and deposit it to the dropper bottle. Instead of using vegetable glycerin (if not available), you can use propylene glycerin. The vegetable glycerin-based liquids can make an electronic cigarette produce more vapor than that of propylene glycerin-based e-liquids when exhaled.

Step #3: Prepare the Distilled Water

Again with the use of the oral syringe, measure 30 ml of the distilled water and add it to the dropper bottle. Since vegetable glycerin has high viscosity, it is required to mix it with other liquids to thin it out before using it in an e-cigarette. After you’re done putting the water inside the bottle, put the cap and shake the bottle very well so as to mix the two liquids together.

Step #4: Measure Nicotine Liquid

Now, draw 30 ml of nicotine liquid into the oral syringe and place it into the bottle. The liquid may contain around 18% of nicotine.

Step #5: Mixing the Liquids Altogether

Put the cap of the dropper bottle and shake it to vigorously mix the liquids altogether. After you’re done with the mixture, you can now apply the recommended drops to the cartridge.

Some Reminders when Creating Your Solution

The above mixture accounts that nicotine is 29% of the overall content of the formula. Nicotine level must not exceed 33% of the mixture. The e-cigarette refill liquid does not necessarily need to contain nicotine. If you want to have flavored vapor, you can replace the nicotine liquid in the mixture with flavored liquid from an electronic cigarette retailer.

The FDA did not approve electronic cigarettes yet as a smoking cessation aid. Although e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, nicotine is considered a poisonous substance that can lead to health problems. Nicotine must be handled with extra care and keep out of reach of children and even animals.

When you have considered the 5 steps above plus these reminders, then it will be easier creating your own electronic cigarette vapor liquid. With a few handy tools and materials, you’re on your way to creating your own flavor.

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