4 Important Electronic Cigarette Components

Electronic cigarettes also called as e-cigarettes. These are considered as a smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are often advertised as a safer option to take nicotine instead of the usual tobacco rolled in paper. The electronic cigarette uses liquid and a vaporizer to deliver nicotine onto the lungs. The US Food and Drug Administration remains doubtful behind the marketing efforts that are going on with these electronic cigarettes. Still, many established authorities like FDA are still searching for a way to regulate the industry.

Despite all these, there are still plenty of e-cigars out in the market. If you want to make sure you are safe, then you have to familiarize yourself with how it is used. You can start that by knowing about the different electronic cigarette components.Electronic Cigarette Components

Component #1: Inhaler

The inhaler is the component of the electronic cigarette which the smoker puts in his mouth. This is similar to the filter of a traditional cigarette. In fact, in most e-cigarettes, this is designed in a way that it looks like a filter. The inhaler is white or khaki usually, with a decorative band or has an alternate color to set it off from the rest of the electronic cigarette.

Component #2: Atomizer and Liquid Container

The atomizer and liquid container are within the cigarette. The liquid container is the one that contains the substance which will be vaporized and inhaled. Such substance does not have to contain nicotine. This liquid container is connected to the electronic cigarette’s atomizer. This atomizer is the one that draws in the liquid and produces the vapor. In order to work, the atomizer needs a source of power coming from the battery. The atomizer has a screw end which is attached to the long battery portion of the electronic cigarette.

Component #3: Battery and Logic Board

The battery is the one that represents the most bulky portion of the electronic cigarette. This part looks similar to the long paper tube of a traditional cigarette. The battery compartment has usually a lithium-ion battery accompanied with a tiny logic board. This logic board takes charge of all the electronic cigarette’s functions and this includes managing and recharging the power source of the e-cigarette and at the same time maintaining all the functions of the atomizer.

Component #4: Indicator Light and Power Source Connection

The light indicator is most likely a decorative function. Every time the smoker draws on with the e-cigarette, the indicator light becomes active and displays a red light. This is similar to that of simulating the red, lit Component of the traditional cigarette and once the smoker stops inhaling, the indicator tends to switch off light too. In addition, this light indicator features a round hole at the center. This is purposely for power sources like that of an AC wall outlet adapter or a USB cord.

Now that you are familiar with electronic cigarette components, you may just want to start trying these quit-smoking devices. The best thing to know about your safety is to familiarize yourself with these gadgets; rest assured you will be able to enjoy lighting one.

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